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Adam Larson / Caustic Logic
June 26 2009

Main Incident: September 19 2005 - arrest of Britons accused of terrorist plans
Other Alleged Incidents: Various times from invasion in 2003 to present
Alleged provocateurs: Military forces of United States and United Kingdom, perhaps Israel
Casualties: Unknown
Outcome: Varied
Investigations: A bit fishy

I’ve been in a bit of a time-warp this year, looking to the past with its protective shield of years and of secrets already revealed. Suspicious events in the present are by comparison more threatening, playing out quite directly in the now – I started out my research into false-flag operations and such with current events and questions about September 11 – After my long awkward dance with “9/11 Truth” I don’t feel like trying to re-approach that pivot, but rather the period just this side of it, the resultant War on Terror/World War IV/Long War/War of Many Names era.

The most visible battleground for this so far has been the cities of Iraq, out of which have emerged allegations of - and perhaps evidence for –Coalition forces using false flag terrorist attacks blamed on insurgents. This would apparently be intended to help keep occupied Iraq just that way. There are questions all along about motives and evidence, and I’m just on the outer edge of the fray. Since I’m not afraid of finding nothing awry – I hope not to in this case – I’ll look at it as an alleged pattern worthy of examination. This post will organize others exploring charges allegations and evidence. Primarly I’m looking at issues surrounding the 9/19 2005 incident involving the British army and Basra police, but will explore other avenues as well.

The Posts:
9/19 Basic Gist and Graphics

9/19 The First Half: The Arrest

On the Soldiers' Mission

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