Sunday, April 17, 2011

Crimes Against Reality in Libya {masterlist}

Posted April 18 2011

This series seeks to shed some light on darkened corners of deception; shamelessly cartoonish distortions of truth suggest a stark and false choice of freedom vs. brutal tyranny and madness. Lies mobilize escalation to regime change in the guise of humanitarian intervention.

Reality: it could even more accurately be seen as Wall Street, western intel, and Persian Gulf tyrannies teaming up with a few thousand local Islamist malcontents and terrorists, foreign fighters and NATO fighter jets, chosing regime change as the only answer to the percieved crisis they created.

And that in turn is often underpinned by distortions and outright fakery accepted as truth by "the civilized world." It's that to which I lend my focus here.

The posts:
Part 1: Behind the Scenes of the al-Baida Massacre, posted March 30.
Feb 23, Al-Biada or somewhere not far away: Alleged Crime: 130 Gaddafi soldiers executed for refusing to follow orders and kill "protesters." Reality: "protesters" killed 130 Gaddafi soldiers and lied to an accepting world.

Part 2: A "Mirage" over Benghazi on the Cusp of Air War, posted April 5.
March 19, Benghazi: Alleged crime: government forces were violating their cease-fire, were inside the rebel's capitol city, and initiating a genocidal bloodbath, even shooting down the one rebel fighter jet that took to the sky so far in the war. Reality: Defeat, not massacre, loomed, rebels probably staged the violence that appeared as an invasion, and they most likely shot down their own jet, whose mission up until then is worth wondering about.

Part 3: The Sniped Tykes of Misrata? Posted April 17.
April 8-14, Misrata: Alleged crime: A slew of reports emerge all at once of Government snipers targeting young children in the western rebel holdout of Misrata. Reality: The only clear evidence shown so far is two children with x-rays of bullets in their chests - but the same x-ray image is used for both kids, and it looks pretty fake to me.


brian said...

FYI adan..if yiouve not read it: read how racist tweets by the libyan youth movement(tweeting as Shabibliya) kickstarted the war

'One of the most fertile sites for the international production of myths of savage African mercenaries has been Twitter, among other social network sites, in ways that bring back to mind the manner in which Twitter was used to spread misinformation at the time of the June 2009 Iran election protests. The problem is not that the site is an outlet for creative imaginations, but that some of the mainstream media source Twitter for their reports, in the absence of correspondents on the ground. The Independent's Michael Mumisa observed that "foreign media outlets have had to rely mostly on unverified reports posted on social network websites and on phone calls from Libyans terrified of Gaddafi's 'savage African mercenaries who are going door-to-door raping our women and attacking our children'," and he speaks of "a Twitter user based in Saudi Arabia," who "wrote how Gaddafi is 'ordering african (sic) mercenaries to break into homes in Benghazi to RAPE (sic) Libyan women in order to detract (sic) men protesters!'" The New York Times' David Kirkpatrick, in one of the few sober pieces analyzing the Libyan opposition, noted that "like the chiefs of the Libyan state news media, the rebels feel no loyalty to the truth in shaping their propaganda, claiming nonexistent battlefield victories, asserting they were still fighting in a key city days after it fell to Qaddafi forces, and making vastly inflated claims of his barbaric behavior."'

Caustic Logic said...

Thanks, Brian. That's another good article on the subject (the one at Pajamas Media was also very good). These will both be featured on the new site. Trying to organize some links now under various headings. Rebel atrocity videos and racis among the rebels will each get a post.

These allegations of rape are especially troubling. There is of course no evidence of this, not even anyone claiming their wives actually were raped. It was all a phantom threat to justify the racial cleansing that happened.

In fact, reading these articles, I've seen at least one case where an accused black mercenary swears he's innocent, was dragged from his house, and had HIS wife was raped by the rebels. Revenge for the shadow plot? Or just plain brutal? Doesn't matter. They'll be running all of Libya soon, Wall Street hopes.

"I am a worker, not a fighter. They took me from my house and [raped] my wife," he said, gesturing with his hands. Before he could say much more, a pair of guards told him to shut up and hustled him through the steel doors of a cell block, which quickly slammed behind them. . . . . [O]ur interpreter, a Libyan national, asked [LA Times reported David] Zucchino: "So what do you think? Should we just go ahead and kill them?" (Luis Sinco, "Journalists Visit Prisoners Held by Rebels in Libya," Los Angeles Times, 23 March 2011)