Wednesday, February 27, 2008


This post will organize and link to the several posts needed to convey the subtance, contzt, and effects of the Reichstag Fire in Berlin, Germany, February 27 1933. Initially blamed on Communist radicals hoping to conquer Germany from within, the burning of the government's meeting place was later found to have been engineered by the Nazis themselves. The fire shocked the nation and served as an enabling act for Chancellor Adolph Hitler to tighten his and his cronies' grip on power and begin the march towards the Third Reich, the Holocaust, and World War II.

- Desperate Times/The Gathering Storm: 1933 Germany: aftermath of World War I, the great depression, increasing resentment and nationalism, and the Rise of Hitler.

- The Revolution Bursts Into Flames: To quote rapper Paris, "See the Reichstag Burn, see the public buy it."

- Shadow 2/27, Skeptics, and the verdict of History

- Gleichschaltung - Consolidating Power

And the rest is history...

Friday, February 15, 2008


Adam Larson / Caustic Logic
May 3 2009

Incident: Sinking of USS Maine by disputed cause, Havana Harbor, Cuba, Feb 15 1898
Commanding Officer: Captain Charles D. Sigsbee
Arrived Havana Harbor Jan 24 1898, three weeks before exploding there.
Casualties: 274 US servicemen killed, from a crew of 363. Maine instantly totaled and quickly sunk.
First official explanation: Spanish/Cuban naval mine, detonating onboard ammunition.
Outcome: The sinking triggered the Spanish-American War, announcing the U.S as a major, maritime, neo-imperial power.
Investigations: Two military courts of inquiry, 1898 and 1911. Second sunk the remains in deep water. First private investigation by deep-water guy Adm. Rickover, 1976. No congressional investigations.

I'm sort of opening this "inquiry," but not planning much work at the moment. I felt I needed at least two posts on the subject, and then a masterlist. Considering the mechanical aspects (inward vs. outward blast) are still being hotly debated over a century after the fact, I think I'll be sidelining this. For now anyway, my focus is on the more circumstantial aspects - who benefits? (Clue - first name starts with a "T," last name ends with "velt.") Perhaps more than any other case in American history, the overwhelming weight of logic makes a true false flag operation, at the lest, far too likely to just toss aside. Certainly the Pax Americana owes a tremendous debt to the hands or fates that caused that blast.

One concrete question I'm curious about is how much ammunition was or should have been aboard.

- Remember the Maine, Forget the Treachery My original thesis-like speculative essay thing, and starting point.

- USS MAINE PRELUDES: WAR PLANS A new post simply compiling some external sources on the pre-1898 plans to seize Spanish holdings.