Sunday, December 7, 2008

PEARL HARBOR {masterlist}

This masterlist will need to be re-done with all the good new posts flushing out the old over time.

New posts:
-> McCollum Memo: Analysis: A more in-depth and balanced examination that I had up previously of this perhaps pivotal document.
-> Former Naval Persons Churchill, Roosevelt, and Voyages to War. Circumstantial at best as evidence, but a cluster of intrigue worthy of a post here.
-> The Battle of Pearl Harbor: Alternate Outcomes Important post, in response to the objection over the sacrifice required in a "FDR knew" conspiracy theory. Hint: Massive loss was actually necessary.
-> By Special Request: The Move to Hawaii Admiral Richardson and the Fleet's relocation in 1940.
-> A "Restraining" Influence On the reasons for the fleet's retention at hawaii. Hint: Adm. Richardson didn't buy it.
-> A Thin Diet For Kimmel - And Genda A breakdown of Pacific Fleet depletion, April-December 1941. Result: 50% reduction of vulnerable warships.
-> The Carriers Controversy 100% reduction on the morning of the attack.
-> Walking Right Across the Broken Code Story Regarding Japanese naval code JN-25 and claims US "cryppies" had broken it prior to Pearl Harbor. Hint: unsubstantiated, at best.
-> The Message We Missed? Details on the Pearl Harbor striking force's order to sail and questions about its interception.
-> The Vacant Sea: On FDR's Order? On allegations the route of the Pearl Harbor striking force's path was intentionally cleared on order from Washington. Hint: it's a false claim.
-> The Bomb Plot Messages Vital intelligence that Pearl Harbor was being cased for attack, withheld from Hawaii. Perhaps the biggest intel "blunder" of all.
-> The Winds Messages Controversy Anticipated trivial intelligence of no particular value that was eagerly watched for but never transmitted.
-> Dereliction of Infamy: Mock book review on "Kimmel, Short, and the Conspiracy to Trick FDR into Fighting Stalin's War with Japan."
-> Pearl Harbor Discussions Links to forum threads (JREF) I've started to discuss the issue.

Old Posts worth keeping up [take these with a grain of salt]:
America at a Crossroads.
After Pearl Harbor : What a Catalyzing Event Looks Like - from Pearl Harbor through WWII and into the Cold War and the National Security State.
Never Mind: Stinnett just sort of drops the issue of provocation after 9/11. What's up with that? check out the "Bush Family 12/7-9/11 Circuit" post for some possible clues.

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