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Incident: Explosion by bomb of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, December 21, 1988.
Casualties: 259 passengers and crew, eleven victims in Lockerbie, total 270 killed.
Eventual official explanation: Libyan-sponsored terrorism, Abdelbaset Ali al Megrahi convicted, early 2001.
Outcome: Sanctions on Libya for refusing to own up, their eventual "owning up," al Megrahi's early release, and much controversy. Possibly delayed blame that could become geopolitical dynamite any time now.

Please see also my new site The Lockerbie Divide

The Post(s) here:
General Thoughts

- A Mockery of Justice? Introductory thoughts on the case, via the controversy over al Megrahi's release.
- The Long Run-up to Blaming Libya: A timeline of blame. Could it be about the Gulf War even in 1989?
- Keeping the Politics Out of Arlington: Frank Duggan, the Corporation, a Scottish friar, a presidential adviser, a memorial service, a suppressed viewpoint, and a bolstered official lie.
- On Libya's Admission of "Responsibility" Their 2003 letter, not an admission of guilt. Why is that surprising? It's not! But the BBC had other ideas...
- An Admission of Guilt?
- Americans... (sigh) Just sticking to one misreported story, a slew of ill-informed venom, captured in on-line comment. Ex: “For every day [Megrahi] is MIA, there should be a sortie of F-111’s dropping some bombs on various government buildings in Tripoli … for Old Times Sake”
- Lockerbie Quotes Dump subtitled "These are the people you've been ignoring so far." Emphasis on quotes supporting Megrahi's innocence or fatal problems with his trial.

The Mebo timer fragment
- "It Us Unbelievable"; On Dr Wyatt's simulations of the PA103 Blast, revealed in January 2010. The timer fragment should not have survived.
- MST-13 Comparitive Graphics no. 1: investigators' Views, 1989-1990. A fair amount of notes structured around nine photos/documents along the investigation, from charred cloth to urgent mystery.
- MST-13 Comparative graphics no. 2: A chip off the old board and another chip off of that. The mysteries of the cutting up of the key evidence.
- MST-13 Comparative graphics no. 3: Altered But not Swapped - was the board tampered with? Yes. Does it matter? Probably not. Was it swapped out midstream? No. Was it a plant to begin with? I suspect so.
- MST-13 Comparative graphics no. 4: Number One on top: A sign from on high? I know accidental symbolism happens, but why her, on top of everything else.
- PT/35(b) Move claims, pt. one: "It was never in the United States?" The big sticky thing from Lockerbie Revisited
- PT/35(b) Move claims, pt. two: A long piece outlining how the fragment worked over to the FBI and "Tom" Thurman towards it, contradictory statements on what happened next, and a few points for and against an American journey.

Luggage Records/Bag From Malta
- On the Granada Docu-Drama: An early and visible promotion of the slim evidence for an orphan bomb bag from Malta - a TV movie releaded in late 1990.
- A Diligent Programmer: On Bogomira Erac and her fateful printout - a curious case for the unaccompanied bag from Malta.
- Frankfurt Airport Records: What paperwork there is - and isn't - and what each shows.
- Frankfurt Airport Records pt. 2: Coleman's contributions - additional relavant info from Trail of the Octopus
- The Testimony of Bogomira Erac: Full Q and A testimony, August 30 2000.

Call on Malta Series (not sarcastic at all)
- Remember, Remember, seven December: The babygro treason and plot. On the date of the alleged meeting between Megrahi and shopkeeper Tony Gauci.
- While Malta Slept?: Megrahi's plot zipped about the island uncontested. Was this a failure, really?
- Another Call on Malta: Admit it already! They let Lockerbie happen and still deny their link, even as accident.
- Professor Robert Black gets it

Other Specific Evidence
- From Zurich to Malta to Tripoli to Malta to... A december Dance of Accuser and Accused. The weird comings and goings of accused Megrahi and Fhimah, and prosecution witness Bollier, roughly Dec 1 to Dec 21 1988.
- IA655 and the Cessation of the Iraq-Iran War: Some suspect - with damn good reason - this is what the Lockerbie bombing was revenge for. If you dare study it close, you'll understand all the better why they would want that revenge. Wouldn't you? Don't we?
- A THREE-YEAR TEST DRIVE, PARKED 8 YEARS, AND THEN A HIGH-SPEED CRASH: Extended essay on Giaka's fantasy constructs that the Lockerbie Libyan villains case was built on
- Lightly Explosion-Damaged: A look into a RARDE Scientist's (apparently) bizarre mind, regarding damaged luggage PH/137 (from trial transcripts)
- Two shocking admissions: Harry Bell and Paul Gauci on the date of purchase - Bell admits it was Megrahi's presence that made him decide it was the one day, and that someone got Paul Gauci to change his story to that.

Forum Discussions (JREF)
- General Thread, started 2007.
- MST-13 timer fragment thread
- Unaccompanied bag from Malta - evidence?
- Tony Gauci and the Mystery shopper
- Dialog on Lockerbie Theories
- Motive Behind the Lockerbie Bombing
- Identification of the Toshiba radio from PA103
- Lockerbie: London Origin Theory
- Did Abdelbaset al-Megrahi blow up Pan Am 103?
- Where in the World is "Abu Elias"?


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