Friday, March 27, 2009


Adam Larson / Caustic Logic
The 12/7-9/11 Treadmill and Beyond
Last update March 27 2009

This post will serve as the hub for my discussion forum threads, so far at the prestigious JREF forum. For those who don't know, that's the James Randi Educational Foundation, notoriously unfriendly to conspiracy theories. I'm putting up a heck of a fight, which is unlike me, schooling and being schooled. If I'm wrong, so be it, but nothing in particular has shown up yet...

[by order of importance and/or length or fame of thread]
Why do you not believe/discuss the Pearl Harbor Cts? - my main discussion thread - started March 2, 237 posts as of 3/27 and still quite active. Covers most major issues, notable emphasis on McCollum Memo, Adm. Richardson, the Carriers, issues of motive (why surprise when you can start the war fighting?)

Pearl Harbor and JN-25B - questions- More in-depth into the main Japanese naval code and questions about its readability prior to the PH attack - Started Feb 16, 61 posts

Winds Execute Controversy - Passing on news that the NSA had again debunked the Winds Execute warning received story - nothing new, 6 posts, started Feb 26. I did a good post on it here.

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