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Adam Larson / Caustic Logic
May 22 2009

Welcome to my Caustic Logic USS Liberty inquiry!

For a while now I’ve been intrigued by the anomalous Israeli attack on the USS Liberty way back in 1967. I started out seeing the attack as presented in the video Dead in the Water. I don’t mean the cover-up of some war maneuver or massacre, which seems to me silly, for reasons I’ll explain more fully elsewhere. Rather I find merit in the attempted false flag interpretation, where the attack was to be blamed on the Egyptians and draw America into the war, or into something useful anyway. Obviously if that was the goal, it would require silencing the crew momentarily with total communications jamming, and then permanently by sending the ship to the bottom. If these were their goals, they failed decisively in both, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they didn’t try. Sometimes you start with one plan and then have to change in the middle…

Intriguing as this narrative can be, I never did quite believe it. Looking closer at the evidence, that possibility still lingers, but is less solid than I first thought, and I’m starting to feel it was perhaps more of a false “no flag” attack. The sticking point for me is identity – on at least some levels, if not all, the IDF knew they were attacking an American ship or, at the very least, that it was not the Arab ship(s) they were pretending it was. The blunders leading to the “mistaken” attack show the outlines of what might have been called “Operation Oops!” The goal may have been only to maim the ship and make a point of nearly sinking her in tragic error that might be avoided in the future by people minding their own business. There would be a small array of other possible motives to consider in regards to this.

The U.S. side of course has its own mistakes leading to the ship being where all later agreed it should not have been. This doesn’t well explain Israel’s “mistakes,” but it is true as they say this wouldn’t have – couldn’t have – happened if the messages pulling Liberty back had managed to get through to action. That two nations had to each commit their own inexplicable string of blunders all focused on this ship does not leave the two canceling each other out; rather, the strangeness is multiplied. If Washington were willing to somehow provide the Israelis with the target for “Operation Oops!” again, the issue of motive arises. And of course when dealing with two nations, we have the relative issues between them to consider – did their motives agree? Was there a double-cross halfway through? Why did this have to happen right before the U.S solidified its strategic partnership as Israel’s staunchest ally? High politics, way high up there… I’ve thought less and posted almost nothing yet on the American end and I’m not ready to make any case without more study.

My research is at the moment based on a critical examination of official and primary sources regarding the attack itself, in great detail. My sources are largely Israeli, with an emphasis on patterns of agreement or contradiction between each other, other sources, and logic. Eyewitness testimony is important as evidence, but prone to imprecision and embellishment, largely inconclusive on issues of intent, and well covered elsewhere by other revisionists. Therefore, at the moment I’m not basing much on the crew’s testimonies (although I m reading Ennes’ book at the moment and starting ti figure out who’s who a little more). The resulting posts are usually too verbose and detailed for most, but are compiled here for the advanced or intrepid.

Of course I am well aware this is a sensitive issue and one that raises questions about – well, anyone who’s so interested in re-visiting a sensitive issue. An issue that is also widely harped on by anti-Zionists, neo-Nazis, Muslim radicals, and other such rabble. Judging by Google searches, quite a few people are looking at this page and at me lately. Fair enough. I’ve actually been hoping for some feedback; the Comments section is open and easy to use (click the link at bottom of a post that usually says “0 comments.”). Who should click:
  • the curious with their questions, 
  • critics with rebuttals or debunks, 
  • compatriots not too alienated by my omni-direcitional iconoclasm, 
  • experts with a correction or a tip, 
  • anyone with a relevant opinion. 
You can also contact me privately by submitting a comment headed “private.” I will read but not post these. Also my contact can be found in the sidebar. Silent lurkers are so boring, and my CIA sting operation to draw out all the wierdos for further profiling will fail if no one is drawn out! (kidding). I invite the opinionated as well on all sides – I can moderate. Oh, and I approve first, rather than delete later, FYI. At this post I will accept general comments.

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